Photos by Valentina Neri

From 2014 to 2016, Valentina Neri worked on Toilet Club Milano, a club where a group of Drag Queens created a party out of nowhere and entered into the map as one of the most important in the Milan's gay clubbing scenes.
After portraying characters’ growth and the colourful atmosphere, she continues her project working on the output. The main inspiration for the book Almanacco is “La Scena Illustrata 1941”, an influential Italian monthly publication born in 1884, which focused on current events with an ironic and direct style. Her research drove her illustrating the queer world while experimenting with different languages.
Photographs, descriptions, titles, illustrations, presentations, quotes and its fascist layout, taken get from the original magazine, talks about a group of people in a free way while giving readers the possible different interpretations.

Printed in Italy by Fontegrafica, October 2018

Sprayed Mat Serigraph Transfer Printing
14,8 x 21 cm / 5,8 x 8,3 in
160 pages, 150 photos, color offset

Cover and design by Valentina Neri
Prefaced by Rachele De Franco and Marco Valtorta
Text by Valentina Neri
Adv copywriting by Davide Fossati
Translation by Irene Arabnia
Inspired by "Il vero Marte Illustrato, Almanacco 1941-XIX" of "Scena Illustrata"

Hand numbered


ISBN 978-88-906328-6-0
First edition of 300

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ISBN 978-88-906328-9-1
First edition of 200

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