Photos by Marco P. Valli and Anna Adamo

Bakeca is a photographic research on exhibitionism as a form
of sexual expression made by Marco P. Valli and Anna Adamo
between 2014 and 2016 in Italy.

Through an ad on a well-known adult encounters website,
the authors gained access to the life and the intimate
spaces of the subjects who had been until then open in the
semi-private dimension of the web, and in public spaces
known for this type of encounters. The goal of the project
is to photograph the exhibition of aspects of the subjects’
sexuality made invisible or silenced.

This book collects the photos made by the authors during
these encounters and a selection of archival digital material
obtained from emails and images attached to the responses
to the ad.

Printed in Italy by Longo, November 2017

Softcover on Favini Softy paper
14 x 21 cm / 5,5 x 8,3 in
Inserts: 10 x 16,5 cm / 3,9 x 6,5 in
112 pages, 48 photos, color offset
ISBN 978-88-906328-6-0

First Edition of 500


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