By Luca Baioni

“Demons from the Old Black, serpents and silence” comes from the necessity to combine images that don’t either tell a story nor analyse it but instead focus on a feeling and long to establish a connection with the observer.
The author, Luca Baioni, makes a deep reflection about life and death in an era where the use of images, both commercial or with documentary intent, is more than ever in an everlasting delivery loop of images reception.
Silence and abandonment is shown here in a deconstructed sequence that aims to make a point about the use of images nowadays: feelings are no longer delivered and there’s only time and room to merely show - and detect - the obvious.
Photographers, just like artists, need to unveil themselves first in order to expose the silence of the world. Those who just want to report things won’t move things. Only whose destroying them would obtain new shapes, new ideas and new inputs.
DFTOBSS, mainly wants to hypnotise the attention with the intent of raising doubts, not nourishing beliefs.

Co-produced and printed in Italy by Nomoire, August 2017

Cover Solid Carton Board with hand-carved pyrography title
Perfect binding
20x15 cm / 7,8 x 5,9 inc
66 pages, 36 photos
digital print
black and white on 120g Munken lynx, color on 135g Gardagloss art
plus risograph print on 120g cyclus offset
ISBN 9788890632853

Limited edition of 200


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