by Gabriele Micalizzi

Sirte or death. It must means something if the Islamic State, that for months has been fighting in the last IS bastions in Libya, is using an arrogant code name for their car bombs: dogma.
Every belief system is based on infallibility, and in the complete failure of the secular Arab Springs, what could be more fitting than a Toyota filled with TNT to erase any doubt? From Tripoli to Bengazi the area, sometimes called the Sandbox, seems filled with an explosive dust that nobody will clear. Indeed, three governments, two parliaments,dozen of militias, 25 million weapons in the hands of 6 million people, and hundreds of millions of dollars stashed in Gheddafi’s foreign accounts later, the black oil wells are the only dogma to be defied in the end.

Printed in Italy, November 2016
180° softcover binding
11,8x13,8 in / 30x35,2 cm
26 pages, b&w offset print
Edition of 150