by Gabriele Micalizzi

Pane e Pomodoro (Bread and Tomatoes) portrays the beaches of Bari (Apulia region, Italy) where every summer dozens of families descend to celebrate a holiday ritual which is repeated as soon as the summer kicks in. Pane e Pomodoro is an Italian burlesque theatre, a tragicomic play which characters' role is rooted to their identities, depicting what is the middle-class Italian stereotype, the one of accepting – and appreciating – anything that is undemanding and not too challenging. Characters in search of authors hitting off models who are already (although involuntary) imitated, attention-seeking comedians shamelessly and scornfully showing off their genuine nature.

Pane e Pomodoro is an anthropological reportage where the author looks and records peculiarities, bad habits as well as virtues of the modern “Italian mammal”, wondering about the contradiction between repulsion and sympathy which arouse at the sight of such Theatre of the Absurd.

Printed in Italy in September 2016.

Hard cover with plastic coating, postcards pages.
6,69x5,70 in / 17x14,5 cm
22 pages, 20 photos, color offset

First Edition of 100