by Gabiele Stabile

When I arrived to Israel in March 2010, to cover what at the time was thought to be the start of the third Intifada, I had this idea in mind: to travel from the west bank to Gaza, to continue the work I had suspended a year before, and face my memories, proof my beliefs, and my experience of the aftermath of operation Cast Lead.

What I found during my trip, was a sad and trite, fatigued display of guerrilla, a story of revolt and repression, of theft of land and reprisal that had been played over and over again for many, many years. The heroes of my revolution are tired, they lacked the elan, the inspirational, contagious feeling of a revolution in the making. Their revolt is just but deaf, as it falls on deaf ears.

This book is in form of a script because when I was there it all seemed to me as a screenplay that everyone from Hamas to IDF has learnt by heart.

By saying this I don't mean that it's all been played out for the media, or amplified by a few freelance photographers desperate to make a buck, because this idea of "unveiling" how treacherous the media are to me is another trite story so instrumental to many interested lobbies, no wonder it wins prizes and gets funded.

What I mean when I talk about a screenplay is that we erased the ability of dreaming of a different unviolent outcome of this impossibly intricate situation in both Israeli and Palestinians. And when is no more possible to imagine peace, or rights, or home, or freedom, or mutual understanding, when you have no ideas, you go by the script.

Staple bound, 6.2 x 8.7 in / 15,5 x 20,5 cm
20 pages, digital print

Edition of 50